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Interactive VR Film ‘Reaping Rewards’ Free on Steam Today

Download it on Steam today, and soon on the Oculus store.

Reaping Rewards, an interactive virtual reality (VR) short film, is launching today on Steam for free, and soon the Oculus Store. Taking the role of a young Grim Reaper, you’re tasked with some tough choices on life and death.

Created by Limitless, who previously released their VR film Gary the Gull for free, the experience will make the player face heavy, emotional choices as their young Grim Reaper faces.

Directed by Matthew Ward, formerly of Bungie and Lucasfilm, with music by Glen Phillips, Reaping Rewards looks to be a fascinating and worthwhile experience – especially at the low price of free.

Tom Sanocki, founder and CEO of Limitless, truly believes in the power of VR to enhance the emotional connection we have with stories told in the medium; “For this showcase experience we wanted to push the boundaries of emotional connection in VR, and [Ward]’s story was a perfect fit.”

Sanocki continued; “Reaping Rewards is so different from anything we’ve seen yet in VR, and it’s been a great example of how our platform creates exceptional gains in efficiency and ease of use.”

Ward’s experience with Limitless seems incredibly positive, as he praises their creative environment; “Every filmmaker is looking for fresh new ways to present their story, and VR has so much potential. It was clear that Limitless wasn’t just focusing their VR platform on engaging character technology – they were looking for compelling stories to be told through those characters, with the audience taking an active participation in the story.”

“The Limitless VR Creative Environment enabled Reaping Rewards to not only engage the audience, but test them.  Through VR, this short became an exercise of the morality of humanity and a truly unique VR experience I hadn’t seen ever presented anywhere else.”

Hopefully this is just the start of Limitless VR Creative Environment growing and appearing in more VR experiences.

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