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Kaidro: The Awakening Artwork

Kaidro: The Awakening Looks Great In These New Screenshots

Gadget-Bot’s VR mech videogame is shaping up to be great

Virutal reality (VR) can take us to worlds that we can’t imagine, or put us in the cockpit of impossible creations – there truly are no boundaries to what can be created, which is why every time there’s an opportunity to live out a boyish fantasy of pilot of a mech robot, you can guarantee we’ll be there. The latest videogame to give us an opportunity to pilot a technological titan is Kaidro: The Awakening, and we have a whole bunch of brand new screenshots.

In Kaidro: The Awakening players take the role of Ava, an orphaned girl who gets drafted into a military and must learn to pilot giant mech robots. The world is in chaos, with Union citizens defending themselves against the Outlanders, a hostile race with superhuman abilities.

The RPG follows the story of Ava, as she learns her place in the world and the source of the conflict between the two races.

We played Kaidro: The Awakening at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017, remarking; “While still in its early stages Kaidro: The Awakening does have its promising ideas, it looks good and handles well. Definitely looking like a title that’s geared towards action rather than a cerebral challenge – it is a mech videogame after all – hopefully Gadget-Bot can provide enough of a dynamic challenge and variety to make Kaidro: The Awakening an impressive title.”

To see more of Ava and her mech is Kaidro: The Awakening, make sure to check our screenshot gallery below.

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