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Lazy Cat Garfield Wants You To Get Outside in Garfield GO

The geocache-style app will feature Garfield interacting with the world in AR

Pokémon GO certainly didn’t start the augmented reality (AR) smartphone app trend, but it’s certainly inspiring a fair few of the AR games now hitting the App Store and Google Play. Now it’s time for everyone’s favourite lasagne-munching lazy feline, Garfield, to get you out of the house in Garfield GO.

In Garfield GO players will be exploring the real world – yes, like Pokémon GO – and Garfield will be able to interact with things in your environment and point out treasure chests using your smartphone’s camera.

Developer Freeze Tag Games describes Garfield GO as; “a brand new augmented reality treasure hunt game, featuring everyone’s favourite lasagne-loving cat! Odie has scattered Garfield’s comic collection and buried treasures around the world — Help Garfield get them all back, while scavenging for hidden chests along the way! Don’t think it’ll be that easy to get Garfield off the couch. You’ll need to prepare his favourites foods to entice him to help you find these treasures.”

Treasure hunting is the main aim of the game, with treasure chests hidden in select places in the real world – similar to the placement of Pokémon GO’s PokéStops. Feeding the ginger cat will boost his treasure hunting abilities. You can also find mini-games at special locations.

You can earn trinkets, a form of currency, and trade those for rewards, completing your collection of in-game items.

Garfield isn’t as popular as he once was, and we’re not too sure he has the kind of mass-appeal that Pikachu and his Poképals have.

The game currently has (at the time of writing) four reviews on Google Play total – one three star, and three two star reviews, suggesting some dissatisfaction with the app thus far. Garfield GO is currently available on the App Store and Google Play in Australia, North American and Canada..

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