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Learning to Drive Gets Immersive with Aceable

It’s 360-degree videos are available through the app and YouTube.

Mobile education platform Aceable has announced the introduction of 360-degree video to its drivers ed app, so that students can learn using the immersive technology.

The company has integrated immersive content across all its mobile drivers education products, as well as made the videos available for free on YouTube to encourage safer driving. The video cover all aspects of driving, from checking blind spots or being distracted by texts to navigating hazardous situations.


“In 2016 we saw some of the largest increases in car-related deaths in more than 40 years. Many of these deaths came as a result of distracted and teen drivers,” said Blake Garrett, Founder and CEO in a statement. “While there is a lot of talk about texting and driving, there have been few attempts to use technology to address the issue. As a response, Aceable is focusing on using the latest tech innovations to give student drivers a chance to experience these potential dangers in a safe environment and prepare them to make better choices about safe driving.”

As with any 360-degree video that are on YouTube, Aceable’s immersive content can be viewed with or without a headset, so users can enjoy on devices like Google Cardboard or Samsung VR for a true 360 feeling.

“VR and 360 video might seem like a gimmick at first, but the minute a student or parent experiences the system, the value becomes apparent,” Garrett noted. “We wanted to reach teens where they are and on a platform that interests them to really get our message across. It’s actually pretty amazing how well it works and how entertaining it is.”

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