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Lenovo Partner With Wikitude For AR and Big Data Projects

Lenovo New Vision and Wikitude plan to create an ‘Augmented Human’ cloud platform.

At the Augmented World Expo, Lenovo New Vision, a subsidiary of hardware manufacturer Lenovo, announced a collaboration with Wikitude to develop and ‘Augmented Human Cloud’ to improve knowledge of augmented reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

The two companies plan to combine their technologies, such as Wikitude’s markerless SLAM technology with Lenovo’s remote video application, 3D AR content editing tool and Lenovo’s smart glasses to create a new kind of AR device along with a cloud platform. The two companies are predicting that technologies such as the ‘augmented human cloud’ along with Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence will be mainstream by the mid 2020s.

Wikitude’s CEO Martin Herdina said: “We’re extremely excited about this partnership with Lenovo New Vision as it creates a fantastic proposition never before in this market. Combining world-leading AR and AI technologies and leveraging the core competencies and market expertise of two proven innovators enables us to make a real difference in realizing our vision of Industry 4.0.”

Bai Yuli, Lenovo VP and General Manager of Lenovo New Vision said: “Our collaboration with Wikitude, a global pioneer and leader in the AR industry, allows us to bring total solutions like the Lenovo AH Cloud to market, disrupting traditional industries and bringing customers different, better solutions that add value to their business.”

The cloud platform will feature visual recognition cloud storage and content editing and video communication, all of which will be accessible from smartphone devices or Lenovo’s new line of smart glasses.

VRFocus will bring you further information on the Augmented Human cloud platform as it becomes available.

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