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NBA (National Basketball Association)

Life in 360°: A Golden State

Basketball fans salute basketball’s winners.

The stories of sport are often told through the star player looking to claim his or her fame, the person who scores the winning run or touchdown, basket or goal. It is about dynasties and underdogs, slim chances and defining moments, times when all is won or all is lost. There is of course those who are always by the side of sports stars in qustion, be it the mega star, the dogged veteran, the loyal journeyman or the unfortunate soul whose mistake has rendered them wishing the earth would swallow them. They of course are the fans.

In this 360 degree video join in amongst the fans of the Golden State Warriors whose team recently won the NBA Championship. Be a part of the celebrations and listen to their stories as they prepare for championship buses to parade their winning squad.

E3 might be over for another year but there’s still plenty of news related to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) so be sure to keep checking back throughout the week on VRFocus. Also if you’re a fan of sport in general be sure to check out our regular Saturday piece This Week In VR Sport, which this week included a story about an American Football team partnering up with VR firm Zeality.


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