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Theseus screenshot

Life In 360: A Minor Tour Of A Future Videogame

Myth and darkness meet 360 degrees

Good morning one and all. You may have seen earlier this month a trailer be released for the videogame Theseus which is coming to the PlayStation VR later this year. A story-driven action-adventure videogame that PlayStation describe as “a modern and obscure take on the classic myth of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth”. This Theseus certainly has to deal with a lot more monsters and dark magic than you might recall from your days studying Ancient Greek myths in history class.

However whilst the trailer was billed as the ‘reveal trailer’ it was not the first time we’d seen the title. Perhaps it was for the PlayStation VR, but Italian developers Forge Reply (also reponsible for games In Space We Brawl and the videogame based on Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf) first put out a teaser back in February.

And that teaser was in 360 degrees.

So it’s only appropriate we have a look at it for today’s Life in 360. If you saw the aforementioned trailer you’ll notice it is set in a familiar location and Theseus it seems isn’t in particularly good shape.

VRFocus will be back on Wednesday for another visit to 360 degree videos.

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