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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: Chasing Tornadoes In Dorothy’s Backyard

We’re off storm chasing again with a time-lapse 360 degree video.

Our one and only visit to  Life In 360° this week takes us off on the hunt for tornadoes in 360 degree video. And where better to do that of course, than in Kansas, perhaps best known globally as the home of Wizard of Oz‘s Dorothy Gale. There’s no witches or munchkins in this video, and truth be told the character of Dorothy is said to have been named after the victim of a tornado in Irving, Kansas which is some ways away from where this video takes place. However what it does have is plenty of twister action – and not the sort involving colours and a plastic mat.

Brandon Sullivan of Tornado Titans is no stranger to storm chasing and just over a year ago submitted this time-lapsed 360 degree video showing the team chase down a supercell over the course of one and a half hours. A supercell that delivers not just a singular tornado but multiple. The time-lapse film really shows clearly the swirling of the clouds as the vortexes build and the funnel forms.

We’ll be back to normal with Li360 on Monday. Be sure to check out VRFocus throughout the weekend however, for more virtual and augmented reality news.

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