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Linkin Park Team Up With Intel for Linkin Park VR Destination

The nu-metal band are teaming with Intel to bring their fans into the VR experience

It’s not unusual for E3 to contain a few surprise announcements, but we didn’t expect this. Everyone’s favourite nu-metal rockers Linkin Park are bringing the Linkin Park VR Destination to their fans, it was confirmed earlier today during Intel’s livestream.

Linkin Park Destination is coming to a head-mounted display (HMD) near you very soon thanks to both Intel and Spatialand. Spatialand are actively trying new things in virtual reality (VR), and attempting new ways of bringing VR content to users.

The band’s Mike Shinoda appeared in a video to introduce the app, which users will be able to download in July. Shinoda stressed that this would be a brand new way for them to get in contact with their fans.

From July the Spatialand app will allow fans to interact with the band, buy merchandise and even found out about exclusive events and promotions. Fans will also be able to easily chat and share content, as well as view exclusive clips of the band behind the stage or on the stage, in VR.

Reaching out to fans with VR content is nothing new of course. We’ve recently seen sports teams such as the San Francisco 49ers get involved in VR content and 360 videos.

Linkin Park fans will want to keep an eye out for the Linkin Park VR Destination which will come to the Spatialand app in July.

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