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Lucky’s Tale Developer Announces Brand New Game, Star Child, For PlayStation VR

The new game takes a much darker tone than their previous title

Sony’s E3 2017 press conference announced a whole host of brand new titles, and the PlayStation VR library is looking better than ever. One title is from Lucky’s Tale developer Playful – but Star Child takes on a much darker tone than a cutesy platformer.

Star Child was announced with a short trailer during Sony’s E3 press conference – a slew of brand new titles was announced for Sony’s virtual reality (VR) platform, Star Child being just one of many.

Star Child appear to take place on an alien world, filled with mysterious creatures and futuristic space ships. The man-made interiors of the planet hide many incredible fluorescent and neon creatures, all of which are sure to look incredibly imposing in VR.

The trailer end when a giant robot saves the player character, before lifting her off the ground. The mysterious premise only makes us more interested in what the developers, Playful, have in store for us.

Playful’s dedication to VR development is good to see – after their first big title Lucky’s Tale was recently announced for Xbox One as a non-VR title, some thought they may be stepping away from developing in VR.

Star Child looks like it’ll be incredibly impactful in VR – for more on Star Child, make sure to stay on VRFocus.

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