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Marcel Modular VR Data Gloves From BeBop Sensors

BeBop Sensors announce new modular data glove designed for VR environments.

As virtual reality (VR) develops and becomes ever more realistic and immersive, the demand for more naturalistic and intuitive controls continues to rise. It’s difficult to resist the impulse to try and grab and object you need when you can see it right in front of you in the VR environment. This is where devices like the newly announced BeBop Sensors Marcel Modular Data Gloves.

Aiming to create a modular option for haptic data gloves, BeBop’s solution allows for either 6 or 9 degrees of freedom with a sensor sub-frame latency at 120 Hz. Designed by BeBop CEO Keith McMillen, who is also a creator of musical instruments. McMillen had this to say: “All controllers need to be accurate and fast. If latency is more than 6-8 milliseconds, you are out of the band.”

The BeBop data glove includes haptics built into the fingertips to convey the sense of touch to the user and provide sensory data on surface quality. The Data Glove is available in three main configurations, with 5, 10 or 14 sensors. Using smart fabrics, the sensors can track force, location, size, weight, bend and twist.

BeBop designed the Marcel data glove with control of VR and augmented reality (AR) environments in mind and is offering the data glove technology to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) along with a haptic audio creation kit to allow content creators to customise the haptic library.

A video demonstration of the Data Glove is available to view below. Further information can be found at the BeBop website.

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