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Meitu Upgrades Make-up App With Virtual Cosmetics Counter

Meitu MakeupPlus introduces COUNTER that allows users to try cosmetics before they buy.

One of China’s most popular internet brands, Meitu has been experimenting with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for quite some time. The company has now launched a new aspect to its MakeupPlus app that allows users to try out new cosmetic products before they buy.

The Meitu MakeupPlus app allows users to use AR to test out how a new make-up looks to see if they are suitable. By mapping a user’s features it is possible to instantly test different makeup styles and colours. Now the company are adding a new feature called COUNTER, which allows MakeupPlus users to test out new cosmetic products virtually before deicing to buy them.

The new feature will be globally accessible through MakeupPlus and will feature hundreds of products from well-known cosmetics brands such as Clarins, GLAMGLOW, Charlotte Tilbury and Stila. The app’s AI features means that different types of lipstick can be virtually tested in real time, with different textures such as matte, cream, gloss or metallic accurately rendered. Once a user has decided on the best look, they can click on the product in question to buy it instantly.

“Meitu consistently pushes the boundaries of possibilities when applying AR and facial recognition technology to the world of beauty.” said Frank Fu, Managing Director of Meitu’s global operations. “The technology in COUNTER offers brands the ability to engage with shoppers like never before – allowing them to experience the product from anywhere, at any time. Meanwhile, brands will be able to gain valuable insight into the try-on experience and access essential regional color preferences from millions of MakeupPlus users around the world.”

“COUNTER solves a number of issues many people experience when searching for new lip products. Over a third of our users report that they are less likely to experiment with lip color products compared to eye shadow, blush, and other elements of their makeup looks. For many, it’s not hygienic, easy or practical to experiment with lip products in-store,” said Liz Goodno, Director of Global Public Relations at Meitu. “With MakeupPlus and COUNTER, we’ve solved these issues by providing a convenient and fun way for makeup lovers to experiment with lip products without the hassle, and help inspire them to experiment more.”

VRFocus will bring you further information on Meitu’s AR products as it becomes available.

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