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Merge VR Launches $1 Million Fund for VR/AR Developers

Merge Cube Dev Kits are currently available at no cost.

Merge VR, the company best known for its soft purple virtual reality (VR) headset for mobiles, has announced the launch of a $1 million USD fund for VR and augmented reality (AR) developers building apps for Merge platforms.

The company already has several studios involved with the fund including React VRX, Draw & Code, Steelehouse Productions and Chicken Waffle, and it’s openly inviting developers all over the world to join them in shaping the future of immersive content: “We created the Merge Developer Fund to broaden our support of the dev community,” said Jeremy Kenisky, Merge VP of Creative in a statement. “The Merge Cube introduces an entirely new experience to the world, and the developer fund provides an awesome opportunity for devs to get creative and be ambitious.”


The Merge Cube was unveiled at CES 2017 where it won the award for “Most Unique Product.” It utilises AR to allow users to hold and interact with holograms.

“When a kid can pick up a physical object and see it turn into something else in the palm of their hand — then play with it, it’s magic,” says Chad Lee, CEO of React VRX. “Developing products that create this magic is exciting for us. We can design so many interesting things around the cube and hope to partner with Merge to make it ‘Toy of the Year’!”

“As soon as we encountered Merge VR and their vision to open up immersive technology to a younger audience, we were inspired,” says John Keefe, Co-founder of Draw & Code. “Now, the Merge Cube is quite literally putting this exciting tech into the hands of the next generation.”

The retail release of Merge Cube is due to happen soon – although no date has yet been announced – and for studios wishing to create content Merge Cube Dev Kits are available at no cost, with more than 400 have already been delivered to developers around the world including museums, schools and Hollywood studios states the company.

Developers interested in learning more or applying for funding can visit dev.mergevr.com/fund.

For further updates on Merge VR and the Cube, keep reading VRFocus.

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