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Microsoft May Reveal ‘DirectReality’ At E3

Microsoft have applied for a Trademark for ‘DirectReality’ holographic videogame technology.

There has been much speculation on what Microsoft’s E3 presentation will contain. Most commentators are fairly sure that virtual reality (VR) or mixed reality (MR) will feature in some capacity, considering Microsoft’s recent push on those technologies. However, a recent Trademark application may reveal a new kind of reality that Microsoft is working on – DirectReality.

Though details on what exactly DirectReality will entail, the Trademark application noticed initially by Gamespot makes it clear that it is related to videogames. The Trademark covers ‘computer game software’ and, in an interesting addition, ‘Computer software for holographic applications’. The application also covers ‘online computer game software’ and also mentions holographic applications. The application was filed on 2nd June, 2017.

While it is the case that Trademark applications do not always lead to actual products, such as Activision registering Trademarks for Call of Duty: Future Warfare and Secret Warfare, the name of the Trademark combined with Microsoft’s recent push with regards to VR and MR technologies seems to suggest that it might be related to the Microsoft Hololens.

Information regarding Microsoft’s VR/MR ambitions has been slightly contradictory. Recently a Microsoft official was quoted as saying that Microsoft was focussing on VR and MR technologies for Windows 10, leading some critics and analysts to believe that Project Scorpio’s VR abilities would be be unveiled at E3. However, remarks from Head of Xbox China, Xie Enwei suggested that Project Scorpio and Windows 10 mixed reality technologies would be cross-compatible.

How Project Scorpio and Windows 10 will relate to the DirectReality technology remains to be seen, but with E3 not far away, answers will be available soon.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Microsoft’s DirectReality technology and it’s E3 announcements as soon as it becomes available.

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