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Moss Announced for PlayStation VR, by Former Bungie Developers

The former Bungie devs are finally ready to show their debut VR project

Sony’s E3 2017 press conference pulled out all the stops – a musical intro, incredible exclusive game trailers, and – most importantly – plenty of brand new PlayStation VR games to get excited about. And finally, we get to see what the former Bungie developers who formed Polyarc Inc. have been up to all this time.

They’ve been busy developing Moss, a brand new – and totally adorable – adventure game for PlayStation VR. In Moss you help a mouse – presumeably named Moss – and you take him on an adventure through larger-than-life areas.

In Moss you will be focusing on puzzle solving and exploration, slowly finding your path forward through these huge stages. Butterflies and insects appear huge next to Moss as he’s entirely dwarfed by trees and other creatures – something that becomes very obvious when Moss comes face-to-face with a hungry snake.

The game truly looks stunning, with pretty water reflections, lighting, and that adorable art style that’ll leave you aww-ing at Moss and his floppy ears.

Polyarc’s Tam Armstrong has already shared his thoughts on the positives of VR; “Moss came from thinking about what VR is good at and it came from thinking about the first principles of what would make a good game. VR can transport you places and offers you the opportunity to physically interact with things. We wanted a rich environment with a strong sense of place and let you manipulate objects. It’s so much more powerful in VR.”

Moss doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’ll be hitting PlayStation VR.

Stay on VRFocus for all of the details on Moss, and all the other PlayStation VR titles announced at E3 2017, as soon as we have them.

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