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Multiverse Release new Imagery for FPS Title Seeking Dawn

The studio will also be showing new gameplay at E3.

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 just around the corner developers have begun rolling out teasing imagery and trailers for their titles that’ll be on display at the event. Recently Multiverse, has released some new artwork for its first-person shooter (FPS) Seeking Dawn, coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this summer.  

The videogame has been designed as a survival-exploration FPS/ role-playing game (RPG), set in a far flung future where humanity has colonised the stars. Players find themselves in the middle of a war for independence, with the entire Solar System controlled by the corrupt United Federation of Sol (UFS), fighting with the Republic of Alpha Centauri (RAC) military.

Set to feature over 10 hours worth of gameplay with a massive overarching storyline, Seeking Dawn puts players into an immersive alien “death world” full of hidden dangers and hostile creatures. Alongside multiplayer co-op, the title is set to feature crafting, cooking and gathering mechanics, survival elements such as sickness, hunger and oxygen, construction of buildings and defence, as well as thousands of weapon configurations and rarity tiers.

Take a look at the new imagery below – also there’s the first teaser trailer if you missed it – and for further updates on Seeking Dawn from E3 keep reading VRFocus.

Seeking Dawn artwork 6 Seeking Dawn artwork 5 Seeking Dawn artwork 4 Seeking Dawn artwork 3 Seeking Dawn artwork 2 Seeking Dawn artwork 1


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