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New Battleships Experience, Salvo, Launches on Oculus Store

Go under the sea with this Oculus Touch enabled strategy

One of the best aspects of virtual reality (VR) is that it can take us somewhere truly fantastical. Even if all you’re doing is playing chess, you could be doing in some very interesting environments. Now we’ve got Salvo, a brand-new release taking us deep under the sea to command some battle ships…

In Salvo developer Focus VR (no relation) will take players to an underwater command station, as you do battle you’ll fascinating sea life swim by, and your sinking battleships will dramatically crash down around you. In your command centre you get an overhead view of the battlefield, and select where to drop bombs and torpedoes with your Oculus Touch controllers, selecting squares on a grid.

Admittedly, this is the traditional Battleships experience we’ve all likely played the board game version of, but it’s hard to deny the allure of taking command from the sea floor, seeing your victories and losses sink to the bottom.

You slowly dominate a world map covered in hexagons, which represents your overall story progress. To take down all of the levels it’ll take a good amount of time, though how much the experience will vary between levels is yet to be seen…

Salvo is out right now on the Oculus Store and requires the use of the Oculus Touch controllers.  For more on Salvo, take a look at the developer’s latest update video below. For all of the latest videogames you can play in VR, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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