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Nomadic Secure $6 Million To Kickstart Retail VR

Nomadic are hoping they’ll be opening shop near you soon

We don’t all have the sort of environment required for room-scale virtual reality (VR) – and if we do have the space, we might not necessarily have all the required funds for equipment. Well if you’re interested in experiencing a large-scale, immersive VR experience, you might be in luck – Nomadic are attempting to open a retail VR centre near you.

Nomadic started up earlier this year and was founded by executives formerly of giant companies such as Apple, ILM, Disney and Electronic Arts. The dream is create untethered VR retail outlets across the world.

Now, Nomadic have secured $6 million in funds to expand their business, hoping this is just the start of their global venture. Doug Griffin, CEO of Nomadic, has said; “There’s currently a huge opportunity for out-of-home location-based VR. With the expertise and global reach of our funding partners, we have the support and resources to forge a new entertainment category, and a new medium for interactive storytelling.”

Nomadic already have everything in place to start opening VR attractions in a variety of places, such as cinemas, malls, airports and casinos. Nomadic’s equipment ensures these pop-up locations can happen anywhere – couple that with the staff’s background in film, gaming, set design and motion capture, and their potential is limitless.

“We’re coming to market as retailers are searching for a new, experiential way to entice consumers back into brick-and-mortar locations,” said Kalon Gutierrez, Head of Growth for Nomadic. “With the support of our funding partners, we’re providing existing venues with a turnkey solution to offer exciting, ever-changing tactile VR adventures that keep customers returning for more.”

Nomadic are sure to keep growing, and faster than ever – stay with VRFocus for all of the latest news on Nomadic and retail VR near you.

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