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Oculus Exclusive Franchise Heading to Xbox One X as Super Lucky’s Tale

The Oculus Rift platformer Lucky’s Tale jumps ship to Microsoft’s 4K console

The Oculus Rift launch platformer Lucky’s Tale is heading to Xbox One X in the form of Super Lucky’s Tale, an enhanced version of the cute adventure game. The game was announced at Microsoft’s E3 conference with a new trailer.

VRFocus reviewed Lucky’s Tale and said; “Lucky’s Tale is a wonderful starting point for platform videogames in virtual reality (VR). It’s been touted as laying the groundwork for VR videogame design since reveal, and along with that third-person camera the whole experience itself is, thankfully, of a high standard. Playful Corp. have a great many plans for the Lucky’s Tale franchise, and VRFocus can’t wait to see what’s coming next.” Looks like Playful Corp.’s plans for franchise expansion are finally coming to fruition.

The trailer was introduced with Lucky playfully hopping across the screen with some of his familiar friends and foes, before a magic book bursts open and displays new gameplay footage.

The game looks sharper than ever, and promises to run at 4K on Microsoft’s new Xbox One X.

Take a look at the gameplay footage below for everything you need to know about Super Lucky’s Tale – Playful Corp.’s cute art style looks sharper and more stunning than ever. With these enhancements, Super Lucky’s Tale is likely the definitive version of one of the best former VR-exclusive platformers.

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