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Osso VR in Use

Osso VR Helps Train Surgeons To Keep Patients Safe

Osso VR seeks to fill surgical skills gap with virtual reality technology

Doctors and medical professionals train for years, sometimes over a decade, depending on the speciality. Even after training is finished, they never stop having to learn new things, as medical technology is moving all the time. Sometimes technology moves so quickly that it becomes very difficult for doctors, particularly surgeons, to keep up with the technology that can mean life or death for those under their care. Osso VR offers a safe way for surgeons to train with new technology and new techniques in virtual reality (VR).

The team at Osso VR include Dr. Justin Barad, a Harvard and UCLA-trained orthopaedic surgeon who noticed the skills gap created by the development of new medical technology. Although the technology is designed to save lives, the extremely busy schedules of surgeons means that have little opportunity to visit locations offering training in the new technology.

“Osso VR’s vision is to improve patient safety and outcomes by addressing the critical training issues facing the modern surgeon,” says Dr. Barad. “Today, busy healthcare providers’ time is dominated by electronic medical record systems and other obstacles, leaving them little room to take care of patients or even to see their families. Travelling to a remote training course to learn about new medical technology is becoming less feasible and less effective. Osso VR brings these courses to the provider, giving them an on-demand, hands-on way to train with new medical technology allowing them to bring the safest and most effective procedures to their patients.”

The aim of Osso VR’s training is to offer on-demand education to surgeons and other medical personnel in a way that is measurable and repeatable. The analytics contained in the software means that feedback on the performance can be offered, complete with tailored guidance to help users improve.

Osso VR has recently receive a round of funding, totalling $2 million (USD) from SignalFire and Anorak Ventures. “Osso VR is unique, with a founding team that combines the deep domain expertise of leading medical practitioners and device industry veterans with the technical savvy of AAA developers” said Wayne Hu from SignalFire. “We were extremely impressed by the industry feedback on their market ready solution that is the most effective and safest training method for healthcare providers and device company representatives. We couldn’t be more excited to help the team continue to unlock greater access to cutting-edge, life-changing technologies for patients.”

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