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Payscout Launches In-VR Payment App

Payscout VR Commerce app lets VR users show and pay entirely within VR.

As customers become more comfortable with using virtual reality (VR) to test out new products and services, so there will be a rise in the need for a way to pay for those services without needing to switch in and out of VR. WorldPay have been testing out a method for this, but now Payscout have launched a VR commerce app for in-VR payments.

Powered by Visa Checkout, the new app marks the first time that VR users can shop and pay seamlessly from within VR. The Payscout VR Commerce app has integration with Visa Checkout that allows users to use an existing Visa Checkout account or store payment credentials within the service, similar to how Amazon and other services can store card details.

“This is a watershed moment in payments and VR,” said Payscout CEO Cleveland Brown, “We’ve seen many prototypes and simulations of VR shopping, but this is the first time anyone can experience real commerce in VR.”

Cleveland Brown - Payscout CEO

Using a simple menu system for checkout, Payscout VR Commerce allows users to view products interactively, rotating, enlarging or shrinking items to view details or different angles.

“Virtual reality is already one of the best ways to bring unique and immersive experiences to life, and we’ve now unlocked VR as the next frontier of digital commerce,” said Sam Shrauger, SVP, Digital Products, Visa Inc. “As immersive consumer experiences change how people pay, we’re proud that Visa Checkout will power payments and purchases everywhere — both in the physical and virtual world.”

The Payscout VR Commerce app is now available for Google Cardboard via download from the Google Play Store. There are already plans to bring the technology to iOS and other VR platforms. A video showing how the product works can be viewed below.

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