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Phil Spencer Gets Grilled About Xbox One X VR Support

VR support for Microsoft’s brand-new console is still a mystery

Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2017 revealed what they’re calling “The most powerful console in the world” – and they’re right, their brand-new Xbox One X just might be the most graphically capable console ever to enter into a living room. But, for now, virtual reality (VR) is a subject Microsoft executives want to avoid.

Phil Spencer was grilled by a BBC journalist after the Microsoft press conference at E3, where Spencer spoke at length about the Xbox One X and it’s native 4K capabilities, but avoided the subject of VR, something they had mentioned in the past.


When asked “When can we start to expect some of those [VR] titles on Xbox One X?” Spencer became evasive.

“This show right here, is about consoles, it’s about great games, that’s what’s important to us, but we are believers in mixed reality (MR).”

Spencer continues with; “Mixed reality on the PC is something that we’re focused on, and we’re building first party games, a mixed reality platform […] and we’ll have more to talk about in the future.”

Mixed reality likely refers to Microsoft’s Hololens – though there could well have been many developments since we’ve last seen the technology. He did finish by congratulating the likes of Sony, HTC and Oculus for their work on VR.

Spencer isn’t the first Microsoft executive to be questioned about VR support on Xbox One X, Major Nelson, real name Larry Hyrb, was quizzed by Geoff Keighley on where VR support was for the console.

Hyrb replied; “Yeah, we talked a little about that last year, and we’re not sharing any details today, but this is certainly a tremendously powerful piece of hardware. And it’s designed to really drive the experiences that gamers are demanding.”

Xbox One X looks to be an incredibly powerful system, but Microsoft’s unclear message in regards to VR or MR support is a little suspicious. Whatever Microsoft have in store for Xbox One X fans, VRFocus will have all the details.

Source: BBC

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