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Play Solo Or Online In Card Game Power Solitaire VR​

Take on bots, friends or just yourself as the traditional card game gets a new virtual version.

Most everyone who has used Windows has, at one time or another, loaded up Solitaire for a quick hand or two of the popular card game. The developers behind Power Solitaire VR no doubt hope for similar success as they launch a brand new videogame in virtual reality (VR) based on the Klondike version of the game.

Along with the traditional solo game, Power Solitaire VR is also playing up their social aspect highly with a multiplayer game wither played against bots or online against other opponents where it’s an anything goes case of ‘who can get through their cards first’ with other player’s stacks available to use. Voice chat is also available through the game.

The videogame is available on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays and is available now on the Oculus Store and Steam respectively. You can find a trailer for the videogame below.

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