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Dead or Alive Xtreme sense

PlayStation VR to get Koei Tecmo’s 5 VR Sense Titles

VR Sense is set to debut in Japan this Summer.

You may remember earlier this year when Koei Tecmo announced an arcade cabinet that aims to stimulate all five senses such as touch and smell, called VR Sense. Well that’s still scheduled to launch this summer in Japan but the studio has also revealed the five titles set to feature in the cabinet will also be coming to PlayStation VR owners.

As previously reported, the VR Sense cabinet uses Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation VR whilst incorporating an interactive seat and other functions to provide scent, touch, warm/cool breeze, and mist. At the time three titles were revealed Ultra Dynasty WarriorsGI Jockey Sense and Horror Sense, and now two more have been added, Ultra Samurai Coaster and Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense, reports Game Watch.

Horror Sense Daruma-san ga Koronda

The VR Sense features for each experience include:

  • Ultra Dynasty Warriors
    • Features a new experience on the battlefield.
    • The heat from flames on the battlefield are reproduced.
    • Creates an overwhelming immersive feeling of excitement for players.
  • GI Jockey Sense 
    • Includes the voice of well-known announcer Yoshihiko Yano.
    • Wind, rain, snow and more are simulated.
    • Race rival horses using the controller and 3D seat.
  • Horror Sense: Daruma-san ga Koronda
    • The multipurpose 3D seat moves in accordance with the video.
    • Bugs falling from the ceiling and small animals running at your feet are reproduced.
    • An engaging story that you’ll want to finish.
  • Ultra Samurai Coaster 
    • A real roller coaster feeling reproduced by the multi-functional seat.
    • Features various stages, the castle town, inside the castle and on the battlefield.
    • Unpredictable courses where the rail ends or flies into the air.
  • Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense
    • Winning games allow players to upgrade the girls swimsuits
    • A pleasant fragrance appears when approaching the girls
    • Gaining a high score grants ‘Viewing Time’

There’s no confirmation of when PlayStation VR owners will see the titles launch for the headset, or whether that’ll happen outside of Japan. As further details are released VRFocus will let you know.

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