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Polish Law Students Study Crime Scenes In VR

Kozminski University in Poland is incorporating VR into law courses, with plans to expland to other areas.

There has been a steady rise in the amount of education and training programs that have begun to make use of virtual reality (VR). From learning how to repair and maintain aircraft, to teaching doctors how to perform certain procedures, or teaching children about the solar system, the range of use that VR is being put to is huge and getting bigger. Now Kozminski University in Poland is putting the technology to work to train law students.

Crime scenes can be complex, and often horrible, places to visit for the unprepared. Learning how to deal with and interpret the evidence found at them is a necessary part of the job for those learning to become police, forensics experts or lawyers. Clues to what happened can be found in the tiniest of things. Traditional training has resolved on physical recreations of past crime scenes to teach students what to look for, but virtual recreations are cheaper and more involving, giving a better idea of what a crime scene is really like.

“The task is to correctly secure and collect evidence and traces, to establish the facts of what happened,” explains Daria Kowalska, Director of Marketing Department at Kozminski University. The university is currently using VR to train criminal investigation specialists, where students perform the investigation and are analysed by a teacher, who points out what they got right, and what the missed.

“Even specialists might be mistaken, so it’s good to learn through gaining experience, which in this case closely resembles the reality of what actually happens at the scene,” advocates the author for the game’s script, Professor Monika Calkiewicz, Vice-Rector for Law Studies.

Kozminski University has plans to widen the use of VR education programs to include other faculties, such as management and finance courses, offering students teamwork-based challenges to overcome.

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