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Farpoint: Cryo Pack art

Preview: Farpoint’s DLC – Cryo Pack

Impulse Gear’s hugely successful PlayStation VR exclusive, Farpoint, is getting a new DLC pack this month.

Farpoint has become a key example for the success of modern virtual reality (VR), having surpassed all expectations for commercial value upon release. Developer Impulse Gear is looking to reward that audience by bringing new downloadable content (DLC) to the videogame later this month, for free.


Farpoint: Cryo Pack screenshot


The Cryo Pack, as it will be known, adds four existing maps to the co-operative mode and brings two brand new additions. While previous two-player maps were largely arena based, Impulse Gear has assured VRFocus that these two new levels will provide more variety, offering multiple paths for the players to cover and assist one another as they journey from beginning to end. And they’ll need to, as both these maps offer a considerable challenge.

Designed to extend the life of Farpoint for those who have already completed the single-player campaign – there is no additional campaign content being offered at this point – the Cryo Pack’s new maps place the players under significant pressure. From the very beginning enemies are tough and aggressive, demanding tactical maneuvering and familiarity with Farpoint’s arsenal to get the better of them.

The first of the two maps, a frozen wasteland, brings large enemies that reign down mortar fire from a distance while smaller creatures quickly scuttle towards the player and leap at their face when within close proximity. The second map features bi-pedal enemies unaware of your presence until you decide to make it known, and then won’t hesitate to remove you. Both provide a significant new challenge atop the original content.

Other new content includes a new character skin (seen in the key image above), new toys in the videogame’s lobby and additional PlayStation 4 Trophies. This may not sound like a huge amount of new content, but being delivered for free there’s likely to be very few Farpoint fans that will complain. Whether or not Impulse Gear plan on expanding the story element of Farpoint remains to be seen, but you can be sure VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details.

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