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Gunball launch screenshot 3

REDspace’s VR Sports-Shooter Gunball Launches on HTC Vive

There’s a one week discount available.

Today, REDspace Games has launched its virtual reality (VR) sports-shooter Gunball for HTC Vive, releasing a new trailer as well as several screenshots showcasing what to expect.

Gunball is an over the top, fast-paced arena sport with players competing in the Gunball League. With similarities to tennis, Gunball requires players to serve balls then shoot them at targets placed around the arena. These targets all have allotted points, with players having to score as many as possible in a certain time.

Gunball launch screenshot 1

Designed to be easy to pickup and play by VR newbies, Gunball features two environments to play in: Stadium, a vibrant sports arena and Rainbow Volcano. Each arena then has five levels to play through, each mixing up the difficulty and layout of the targets.

“With Gunball,we feel we’ve created the ideal ‘jumping in’ point for new VR users,” said Jeremy McCurdy, Gunball Game Designer and Games Technical Lead at REDspace in a statement. “Built around a comfortable experience but with a deep level of skill underneath it, we feel this game is great to show off VR to friends who may have never experienced it. But, it’s also an amazing skill-based exercise for VR veterans as well.”

VRFocus previewed the title last week saying: “Gunball is a lighthearted arcade/sports experience that’s not trying to rewrite the VR rule book. There’s not a massive amount of content but what is there is great fun to play – and highly energetic if you really go for it.”

Gunball is available today at a discounted rate, dropping the cost from $14.99 USD down to $9.75 USD until 5th July 2017.

Checkout the new trailer below and for further updates from REDspace, keep reading VRFocus.

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