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New Samsung Gear VR and Controller

Resolution Games Adds Gear VR Controller Support To Fishing Game

Play Bait! with the Gear VR controller as new update is rolled out.

Since Samsung announced the introduction of the Samsung Gear VR controller, a steadily increasing number of titles have been introducing support for the peripheral. Now developer Resolution Games is adding Gear VR controller support to virtual reality (VR) fishing title Bait!

A new update to one of the most popular VR fishing titles, Bait!, will introduce support for Samsung’s recently launched Gear VR controller. Bait! Is a story-driven title where players are put in the role of a trying to catch rare fish for their boss in an attempt to save the aquarium where they both work. The game has five different lakes, each featuring different fish to collect.

“We will always be proud to have been one of the earliest developers on the Gear VR platform,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games. “However, those early days had one major limitation: there wasn’t a controller that players could hold and bring into the virtual world. Bait! was designed to excel within these limitations, but as we’re sure our players with Gear VR controllers will agree, fishing feels so much more natural with a rod in your hand.”

bait vr screenshot3

Resolution Games have also revealed that Bait! Has been downloaded by over two million players around the world. Bait! Is available for Samsung Gear VR and for Google Daydream for free.

“The 2 million players milestone is an important reminder about the potential of mobile VR,” adds Palm. “Its affordability and convenience has the greatest potential to make virtual reality accessible to the general consumer. And, we’re very excited to see numbers like these so early on in the industry.”

VRFocus will bring you further information on Gear VR controller updates as it becomes available.

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