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San Miguel Bring VR Experience Birdly to UK

VR bird simulator Birdly forms part of upcoming San Miguel Experience in London.

Spanish beer makers San Miguel will be offering an evening of events as part of the debut of the ‘San Miguel Experience’. Part of the events on offer includes a chance for UK resident to try is the virtual reality (VR) experience Birdly.

Birdly is a critically acclaimed VR experience that allows users the chance to experience what being a bird in flight is like. Players can soar high above the skyscrapers of New York City with an experience that attempts to replicate the sights, sounds and even smells of being in flight high above the ground. The San Miguel event will be the first time that Birdly has been available in the UK.

Other events on offer include a series of talks from San Miguel brand ambassador Levison Wood, who will be speaking about his globe-trotting adventures from Egypt to South America, which formed the ‘Walking with…’ series. Dinara Kasko will also be delivering a talk, Kaska is a former architect who became a pastry chef, using her knowledge of structural engineering to create beautiful 3D creations in cake and chocolate. Photographer Mike Kus will also be there, sharing his tips on photography and social media usage that has seen him gather over 800,000 Instagram followers.

The San Miguel Experience will take play at One Marleborne in London on the 19th-21st July, 2017. Tickets cost £25 (GBP) for the basic ticket, and £35 for the platinum package. Further information can be found at the official San Miguel Experience website.

VRFocus will bring you further news on VR-related events as it becomes available.

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