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Sarah Stumbo on Unity 2017.1 and Supporting Virtual Reality

It’s all about community at Unity.

Unity has helped support videogame developers on all platforms, but it looks like they’ve managed to find a way to simplify the processing of creating a videogame by bringing in new features such as Timeline, Unity teams, Cinemachine and much more. What’s so great about these new features is that it enables teams to work on a videogame together at the same time as well as making it easier for videogame devs to control the way in which characters move, are animated as well as controlling when and where the camera moves. 

VRFocusNina Salomons talks to Unity’s XR Evangelist Sarah Stumbo about what Unity is doing when it comes to virtual reality (VR). She explains that these new features are not specifically for conventional gaming but also apply to VR videogames. It can be very expensive and very frustrating for developers to have to upgrade, change and optimize their experience for new headsets being released and their subsequent updates. It seems that Unity aims to fix this with the XR Toolkit.

She discusses that the XR Toolkit will help improve inputs, allowing for developers to create a single experience that can be cross-platform and go on all headsets, including Microsoft’s mixed reality headsets. She also mentions that VRTK and how that is a higher level features for virtual reality. What’s very clear is that Unity aims to help support the community, hoping to create an environment and online community where developers can help support each other when building XR applications for the future. Unity 2017.1 is available now in beta, Check out the video below to get more information.

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