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Satirical VR Title The American Dream VR Coming Out Late Summer

Samurai Punk announce its upcoming biting satire on American gun culture.

How do you flip a burger with a gun? Shoot at it, obviously. Indie developer Samurai Punk are aiming to make a few satirical points with the announcement of its upcoming virtual reality (VR) title The American Dream VR.

The American Dream VR uses satire and videogames to take a look at American gun culture. The title uses a backdrop of the idealised world of 19050s US sitcoms and introduces a world where all manner of tasks are accompanies using only guns. Eating a meal, driving a car, doing a factor job are all done using guns.

Built completely for VR, players venture through a twisted world created by major gun companies to show how wonderful guns are. Trimming hedges involves shooting off stray branches, opening a beet bottle means shooting off the top.

With Independence Day coming up soon, Samurai Punk have released a special 4th of July trailer that shows the basics of what The American Dream VR is all about to celebrate the upcoming firework-fuelled American holiday.

Samurai Punk are an Australian-based developer who have previously worked on titles such as Fruits of a Feather, Screencheat and Hazumino. The American Dream VR will be the studio’s first venture into VR.

A release date has yet to be confirmed, but the developers say that the title will be launching on ‘All major VR platforms’ some time in late Summer, 2017. The 4th of July trailer is available to view below. Further information can be found on the Samurai Punk website.

VRFocus will bring you further news on The American Dream VR as it becomes available.

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