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Secure Mobile Browser Aloha Gets VR Integration

Aloha Mobile browser that prides itself on privacy and security gets support for VR content.

Cyprus-based Aloha Mobile Ltd have announced that their flagship product, the Aloha mobile web browser, will be integrating support for virtual reality (VR) to allow mobile users to watch VR and 360-degree content through mobile VR platforms such as Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.

The Aloha Browser was released in 2016, initially for Android, with an iOS release following soon after. The stated aim was to provide a safe, secure, private way for users to browse the web without being tracked or subjected to rogue adverts that can be vectors for malware. The browser came equipped with a free VPN built in, along with an easily activated Private Mode and download manager and public wi-fi hotspot protection. It’s also possible with Aloha to lock a tab with a passcode so other users of the mobile device cannot access that tab.

Aloha are now bringing the Aloha browser functionality to VR content. Aloha has integrated a VR player into the browser to allow VR users to access VR and 360-content that is available on the web, to allow users to access VR content without needing a separate app.

The developers have also included a VR download manager that allows users to save VR content offline for later viewing, which the developers claim will allow users to watch VR content without interruptions caused by unstable wireless connections. A Theatre Mode has also been included, the allow for non-VR content to be viewed through a VR headset by presenting users with a virtual theatre.

The Aloha browser is available for free from the Google Play Store and Apple app Store. The developers say a ‘mid-level’ smartphone and a headset such as a Google Cardboard. Aloha Ltd are claiming that all currently available mobile VR headsets should be compatible.

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