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See Gunball Up Close In These New Screenshots

The high-score chaser will release on June 28th 2017

HTC Vive owners will be reloading their guns on June 28th 2017 when REDspace Games release Gunball, their new sports-shooter virtual reality (VR) hybrid. This is one that fans of chasing high scores will want to see.

Gunball takes place an environment similar to a baseball stadium, with your avatar in the centre, picking up and firing balls to scored targets hanging in the air. Using the HTC Vive tracked motion controllers players can instinctively reach out and lift balls into the air before shooting them at their desired target.

It’s easy to pick up, but hitting the smallest – and most rewarding – targets will be a challenge that high score chasers will enjoy.

In our screenshots below you can see a variety of stadiums and scored targets – why go for a target offering 10 points, when a moving target offering 2000 is so much more alluring? Players will be able to turn 360 degrees to get the best views and shots of all the targets available to them.

Jeremy McCurdy, Gunball Game Designer has said of the new release; “With Gunball we wanted to provide players with a fun, engrossing experience that anyone could instantly understand and be drawn to.”

McCurdy continues; “Built around a comfortable experience but with a deep level of skill underneath it, we feel this game is perfect for whether you want a quick diversion for a few games or if you want to play for hours solo or with friends.”

Gunball will be available on Steam on June 28th 2017 for HTC Vive owners – take a look at our screenshots below for a better idea of what to expect!

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