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See How Full-Body VR Works in this Live Footage of Anvio VR

The Moscow-based company wants to bring full-body VR experiences to the masses

Experiencing virtual reality (VR) with a group of friends with one-to-one motion tracking in a huge room is the dream many VR enthusiasts want to come true. Luckily, Anvio VR wants to bring that exact experience to all of us with their VR innovations.

Anvio VR plan to expand their operation into a city near you, after seeing success in their Moscow headquarters, with more than 2000 guests coming to try the new immersive VR experience.

Anvio VR let’s players enjoy City Z, a multiplayer VR zombie shooter. Anvio VR’s impressive multiplayer technology, coupled with City Z’s zombie hoards, make for high octane VR experience. Anvio VR promises to “[Erase] the line between the physical and virtual worlds.”

In the video below you’ll see exactly what technology Anvio VR will strap onto your body to make the experience work, and how their huge room-scale VR tracking technology works in a multiplayer environment. It looks intense!

Players will be crawling through closed sewers and walking over perilous walkways hanging hundreds of feet in the air – perhaps not a videogame for the faint of heart! All before a climactic finale seeing all the players raise their guns in the air as the achieve victory aboard a rooftop.

Check out our live footage of the game being played below.

For more on Anvio VR and when it’s coming to a high street near you, stay VRFocus.

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