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See More of Candy Squad in These New Screenshots

Careful – too much might give you toothache…

If you just can’t get enough of sugary-sweet videogames where you can chase high scores, then this might be just your cup of tea. MyDream’s Candy Squad is coming to a range of virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) and now, we’ve got a selection of new screenshots for you to sink your teeth into.

MyDream takes players into a cutesy VR world where players will be executing less-cute inhabitants using a hammer. Played entirely with “gaze-based” gameplay, players look around their adorable environment and take focus on enemies in order to destroy them and power their hammer up to new strengths.

Launching for Gear VR, Cardboard, Daydream and Viveport, Candy Squad offers a sweet take on high-score chasers, though it’s hardly the most original title we’ve seen.

In the screenshots below you can see a variety of candy-themed environments – enough to give even players with a sweet tooth one hell of a sugar rush.

MyDream’s COO and Candy Squad game designer, Andrew Leker, believes the game appeals to a wide audience; “It is the perfect casual VR game for virtually everyone, catering to those who don’t have use of their hands as well as families and parties with its hotseat mode. Candy Squad was built to bring people together of all ages and capabilities. We’re thrilled to be launching with more than twenty hours of playtime right out of the gate, which will be greatly expanded with the upcoming additions.”

To see more of Candy Squad, make sure to take a look at our screenshot gallery below.

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