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See More of PlayStation VR’s No Heroes Allowed! VR In These Screenshots

The quirky Western title looks great in these new screens

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 certainly hasn’t been without some fantastic and mysterious title announcements for all the VR platforms – but few are quite as interesting as No Heroes Allowed! VR, a quirky Japanese strategy coming to PlayStation VR. We’ve got new screenshots, showing more of this interactive virtual reality (VR) strategy.

To give it its full name, V! No Heroes Allowed R! (What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord?) is a Japanese role playing strategy, where using the PlayStation VR headset you’ll take an overhead view of the game and interact with the playing field.

The videogame is now finally confirmed for a Western release – something that was doubted, due to the videogame’s distinctly Japanese style.

Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) Japan Studio in collaboration with Acquire, players will go about seeking world domination as a God of Destruction. Ominous!

In the screenshots below you can see an overhead strategic map which players can interact with, and more characters and environments. It actually looks like a good way for players to interact with this genre in VR.

We’ll have more information on No Heroes Allowed! VR as soon as it’s available.

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