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Star Child Screenshot

See More of Star Child in This Official Trailer

Playful’s Star Child wants to take players to a new world.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 had a few surprise virtual reality (VR) announcements – like this brand new PlayStation VR exclusive coming from Lucky’s Tale developer, Playful. Not content with just announcing Lucky’s Tale would be getting a port to the Xbox One X, the developer also had to show gamers and press an all-new VR adventure.

Star Child is a neon-lit puzzle adventure with a strong sense of atmosphere. Taking place on an alien world with fantastical Martian creatures and creations, Star Child is a homage to platformers of the 90s while also being something entirely new.

Star Child Screenshot

PlayStation VR allows the player to lean into the world and look around the environments in detail – changing what would otherwise be a typical platform experience into something much more interactive and absorbing.

We played Star Child at E3 2017, and the interest in the title is well placed; “If the videogame caught your eye during SIE’s E3 2017 press conference, then you’re right to be intrigued. The Star Child demo was certainly a delightful experience, and over far too soon, so expect good things to come in the future.”

In the trailer below you can see a variety of multicoloured Martian creatures as well as a mechanical monster near the end.

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