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See PlayStation VR Strategy No Heroes Allowed! VR in This Official Trailer

This new English trailer shows the crazy Japanese strategy in action

When it comes to quirky virtual reality (VR) videogames coming from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017, there’s one that just might take the cake. No Heroes Allowed! VR, or to give it its full title, V! No Heroes Allowed R! (What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord?), is coming to PlayStation VR as an exclusive, and we’ve got the first English language trailer.

The videogame is a strategy where players use the PlayStation VR headset to take an overhead view of a strategic map, to do battle, while two characters, Badman and Badmella (excellent character names if we’ve ever heard them) berate and instruct you in the quest to conquer the world as a God of Destruction.

With features in the game such as breeding monsters, and interesting RTS combat, this might be an essential strategy game for PlayStation VR. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Studios have been working on the game in collaboration with Acquire, so there’s high hopes for the title – it should offer an interesting and engaging RTS experience, which is rare in VR.

With comedic voice acting and a cute anime-inspired art style, No Heroes Allowed! VR is clearly going for a relaxing and jocular take on the genre.

You can see more screenshots of No Heroes Allowed! VR here, or you can see the official trailer down below.

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