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See what Galaxis Wars is all about in our new Gameplay Video

Get into Clear Ink Studios’ VR arcade action experience

In Clear Ink Studios’ new arcade action videogame Galaxis Wars, you’ll take the helm of a starship experiencing space combat. With a clean, sci-fi presentation and satisfying space warfare, it’s a decent investment for your head-mounted display (HMD).

The easily accessible shooter has you firing at waves of hostiles coming from all angles, as you pick off enemies as they come in increasing number and difficulty.

Galaxis Wars

Set in the year 2120, humanity is exploring the universe and have encountered a hostile enemy race – a simple pretence, but one that works. Preparing for combat, Galaxis Wars trains the player to take control of the VX-8700 Combat Drone.

In our review we said; “All in all Clear Ink Studios has created a title that’s a great little time killer. It’s not going to set the VR world on fire with amazing visuals or unique gameplay, but it doesn’t need to. Most players will blast through a bunch of waves, gaining a few upgrades here and there, then challenging a mate to do better. If you’re looking for a solid little title that re-imagines those old vertical shooters, then give Galaxis Wars a look.”

Galaxis Wars is available on Steam right now – if you want to see more of the game, be sure to watch our gameplay trailer below.

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