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SIGGRAPH 2017’s VR Village Hosts Diverse Range of VR and AR Tech

Includes Brain-Computer Interfaces and LGBTQ experiences

SIGGRAPH 2017 is due to be held in Los Angeles this Summer, and their VR Village is planning a great range of experiences for attendees. VR Village is one of the newer programs within the SIGGRAPH conference, and is hoping to wow audiences with unique applications of both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Promising to showcase unique applications for both VR and AR in fields such as health, education, entertainment, design and gaming, VR Village exhibitors are hoping to impress new business partners as well as the public.SIGGRAPH 2017 logo

Diversity is the focus of 2017’s VR Village. Previous events looked at art and simulations, while 2017 looks towards the diversity of both creators from around the world and their projects, as Denise Quensel, 2017 VR Village Chair, explains; “We made a conscious effort for diversity — we tried to normalize our content to be as diverse as possible. We believe that diversity in content, and diversity of contributors, helps facilitate perspectives and opportunities that are of great benefit to attendees.

“The experiences that will be seen at this summer are not only outstanding examples of VR and AR, but can only be experienced in SIGGRAPH’s unique VR Village space.”

Interesting exhibits include Neurable: Brain-Computer Interfaces for Virtual and Augmented Reality, a promising leap into mind-controlled virtual reality, Out of Exile, a room-scale VR experience telling a story of LGBTQ discrimination, and HOLO-DOODLE, a “VR hangout” experience featuring naughty robots making its world premiere at SIGGRAPH 2017.

SIGGRAPH 2017 is taking place from July 30th to August 3rd 2017 in Los Angeles, where the event will showcase the latest in computer graphics technology and interactive experiences.

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