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Archangel screenshot

Skydance Interactive’s Archangel Coming to PlayStation VR in July

The headset has an exclusive two-week window.

A few months ago Skydance Interactive revealed the first details for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) title Archangel, a story-driven shooter in which players take control of a six-story-high war-machine. Set to release on all the major head-mounted displays (HMDs), the studio has announced it’ll be coming the Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR first, with a release window scheduled for July.

Archangel is set on a world ravaged by natural disasters. Players take on the role of a pilot in the United States Free Forces, a resistance group fighting a tyrannical United States government which has removed all freedoms from its citizens. Stepping into a massive mech, players will take the fight to HUMNX, a private conglomerate that controls what little is left of a ravaged America.

Archangel screenshot

Making the announcement on PlayStation blog, Peter Akemann, President, Skydance Interactive, said: “Our goal with Archangel was to create an action-packed shooter with explosive gameplay, high-quality graphics, engaging storytelling and dynamic characters, delivering a complete package for VR gamers.”

Detailing some of the gameplay players can expect to see Akemann noted: “Grab the controls and watch as your own two massive mech hands surge to life! Fire at will on your enemies with an incredible array of high-powered weapons, or punch a plane from the sky with one hand while machine-gunning a hovercopter with the other — all without breaking a sweat.

“Throughout the game you’ll protect — and be protected by — AI-controlled teammates who pilot a number of different vehicles, each with their own capabilities. When the odds turn against you, use your shield generators to block incoming attacks and protect your teammates. If your shields have failed, your teammates carry nano-bot units that can repair damage to your hull. When weapons and shields won’t do the trick, you can get personal and use your hands to crush your foes. Being a massive mechanized engine of destruction has some pretty noticeable advantages in combat!”

PlayStation VR will have a two-week window exclusive before Archangel comes to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The actual release date for PlayStation VR has yet to be revealed, when it does VRFocus will bring you the announcement.

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