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Dead Effect 2 VR screenshot

Space-Based FPS Dead Effect 2 Comes to VR

The popular Dead Effect series is making its way to VR, beginning with a Steam Early Access release.

BadFly Interactive has launched a new version of the popular Dead Effect 2 via Steam Early Access, offering a standalone version of the videogame compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Known as Dead Effect 2 VR, this beta edition of the videogame comes with an early view of the campaign mode, plus four additional gameplay modes.


Dead Effect 2 VR screenshotDead Effect 2 VR is set aboard a colony spaceship with the player awaking from cryostasis to discover that a virus has broken out on the ship. All their crewmates have been turned into flesh-eating creatures who roam the corridors looking to make you their next meal. The player’s mission is simple: take back control of the ship and make it out in one piece.

Dead Effect 2 VR’s arsenal features upgradeable weapons including flamethrowers, shotguns, samurai swords, machine guns, grenades and mines. The Early Access version has over a dozen weapons with more to follow in future updates. Each of the playable characters also has a special ability, such as bullet-time that allows players to temporarily slow down time as well as the force field power for additional protection when opposition numbers become that little bit too heavy. According to the developer, the videogame has been recreated from the ground-up with VR-optimised controls, weapon dual-wielding and improved weapon models.

The final version of Dead Effect 2 VR will launch with 10 hours of single-player campaign content and the ability to play cooperatively, or battle online in eight-player competitive battles set aboard different sections of the ship. Match types will include team-based or free-for- all Deathmatch gameplay modes.


Dead Effect 2 VR screenshotDead Effect 2 VR is available via Steam Early Access for £14.99 GBP/$19.99 USD, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details from BadFly Interactive.

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