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Sprint Vector Gets Bigger With New Features

Releasing later this year, Survios has announced what we can expect from the title.

Survios has announced more of what we can expect from their virtual reality (VR) parkour-skiing hybrid, Sprint Vector. The videogame was praised by those who played it at GDC 2017, and the developers are keen to point out that there’s still more to come.

Sprint Vector is a game that takes on the task of locomotion in VR in a unique way. Instead of simply moving in the virtual world by pushing an analogue stick forward, players swing their arms in wide arcs, alternating motion and using the triggers to maximise the distances they can run and leap.

VRFocus played the game earlier this year, and said; “Whether its the motion of your arms or the design layout, Sprint Vector doesn’t induce those feelings of simulator sickness that many may expect when looking at [the game]. The subject is always a difficult one to approach due to everyone being effected differently, but it would seem that the direct approach to controlling your own speed – and subsequently making your body move more – can help mitigate those issues developers try to avoid using controls like teleportation.”

New features players can expect in Sprint Vector include built-in weapons, items and power-ups. New running techniques – drifting and wall running – just add to the variety of moves and traversal the game offers, also potentially opening the door to new kinds of levels.

Each player can now blast objects in the environment to change the path forward, and grab Nitro and Slow Mines – the former boosting your speed, and the latter can be left in wait to slow down your foes.

Sprint Vector is no longer just a tech demo for a new system of movement, as Survios Game Design Director Mike McTyre makes clear; “When we first unveiled Sprint Vector earlier this year, we were blown away by the reaction to the Fluid Locomotion system.”

McTyre continues; “It’s one thing to be able to talk about seamless motion controls in VR, but it’s quite another to be able to implement them at such high speeds without causing the player any discomfort. Now, we’re taking that core experience and adding in fun weapons and power-ups to make the game more competitive and exciting for both players and spectators.”

Sprint Vector will be at E3, along with Survios’ critically acclaimed title Raw Data.

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