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Supermassive Games’ PlayStation VR Game The Inpatient Is a Prequel to Until Dawn

There aren’t many details on the game right now, but the trailer leaves a few hints…

Sony’s E3 2017 press conference was bursting at the seams with announcements for PlayStation VR, including two more virtual reality (VR) games from Supermassive Games – bringing their total PlayStation VR catalogue to a respectable four titles. Not much is known about their two new games, Bravo Team and The Inpatient, but there are more hints in The Inpatient’s trailer than you might’ve noticed…

Supermassive Games are of course well-known now for the surprise horror hit Until Dawn, and the VR spin-off Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – with such a recognisable brand name, it only makes sense to continue the franchise – or at least expand the lore, which Supermassive Games seem to be doing with their new PlayStation VR game, The Inpatient.

Zooming in on The Inpatient’s cryptic trailer when the screen shows a painting of a building – presumably the building the game is set in – and the sign outside reads “Sanatorium.”

Until Dawn fans might remember the Sanatorium as a particularly intense section near the end of the game. Of course, Supermassive Games might’ve just liked the word “Sanatorium” and it could be a coincidence. Possible – until you read the building’s full name: The Blackwood Pines Sanatorium. The penny will now have officially dropped for fans of Until Dawn – Blackwood Pines is where the game takes place.

We still don’t know much about The Inpatient, but we can fairly safely assume it acts as a prequel to Until Dawn, before the Sanatorium fell into disarray. According to the Until Dawn timeline, this likely places The Inpatient as taking place some time in the 1950s.

Hopefully the game will give us more clues as to what happened behind the scenes in Until Dawn – how things became quite so violent in the first place – and perhaps pave the way for future entries in this quickly growing franchise.

E3 2017 has been full of brand new game announcements and trailers – for everything PlayStation VR, The Inpatient and all the biggest news from E3 2017, stay on VRFocus.

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