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Supermassive Games Share More Details on PlayStation VR Shooter Bravo Team

Lead Designer Keith Linares gives us more information

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 is fully underway, and we’ve seen a slew of great virtual reality (VR) videogame announcements over the past few days. Now, we finally have details on Supermassive Games’ Bravo Team, which was announced during the PlayStation press conference.

Bravo Team is a brand new singleplayer and multiplayer co-op shooter from the team who made Until Dawn and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Supermassive Games has set Bravo Team in a fictional version of modern day Eastern Europe, in the heart of a city in crisis.

You work either by yourself or with a friend via online co-op, immersing yourselves in the experience further by being able to shout commands to one other over voice chat.

Keith Linares, Bravo Team’s Lead Designer, has posted on the PlayStation Blog to share more details.

Linares reveals that Bravo Team will support the PlayStation Aim controller – a gun-like controller made to help immerse players in PlayStation VR shooters.

Linares stresses that the game’s design will test players’ skills; “Our levels and enemy situations are designed to test your ability to work as a team. Calling targets, covering fire and constant communication are the difference between success and failure.”

As with any VR title, Linares and the team at Supermassive Games focused on immersing players in the world they’ve created; “This sense of ‘being there’ is an enormous focus for us. Not only is the feel of battle key, we believe the sense of place and presence that comes from a seamless in-game experience is incredibly important. From beginning to end, you will fight through the streets and buildings without any loading or level select screens interrupting your immersive PS VR experience. Bravo Team will thrust you into the chaos of an action movie firefight.”

Bravo Team will launch on PlayStation VR, for all of the latest news from E3 2017, stay with VRFocus.

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