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Ariel screen shot alpha 1

Survival Experience Ariel Coming to PlayStation VR and HTC Vive

A Steam Early Access release date is set for July 2017.

Nuclear Fiction, a Mexico City-based indie developer that was founded in 2016, has unveiled its first title, a virtual reality (VR) compatible survival-horror called Ariel.  

Mixing between first and third person perspectives, Ariel puts players in the shoes of Ferdinand Ludec, a mathematician who arrives on Ariel, one of Uranus’ moons, only to find an entire crew of scientists dead. Set on a partially procedurally generated world, Ariel tasks players with finding out what happened with several endings to the story available.

Ariel screen shot alpha 2

As they traverse the desolate and hostile world players will have to deal with ever changing weather conditions; stats such as hunger, dehydration and oxygen; and of course a few nasty enemies from time to time. Naturally there will be an assortment of weapons and upgrades available to aid progress.

Currently, Nuclear Fiction plans to release Ariel onto Steam Early Access on 11th July 2017, with HTC Vive support included. Ariel is being developed using Unity, and via the videogame’s Made with Unity page PlayStation VR support is also listed. There are no details on when a PlayStation VR version may launch, but it’s likely it’ll be at the end of early access which should take around six months. One headset not listed or mentioned anywhere is Oculus Rift.

For further updates on Ariel, keep reading VRFocus.

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