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Take a Look at Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep’s Official Trailer

Land the big one when Monster of the Deep launches this September

If one thing is certain, it’s that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) know how to hold a press conference. Their Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) conference had announcements and trailers for a variety of brand-new games, including those for PlayStation VR. One shock announcement is a brand Final Fantasy spin-off, Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep.

Monster of the Deep focuses on and expands the fishing mini-game from Final Fantasy XV, adding new mechanics and a variety of new aquatic creatures to catch.

Monster of the Deep is the second virtual reality (VR) title we’ve seen to include the Final Fantasy XV world and characters, though it might be the only one that gets released – the Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience might never see the light of day again.

Monster of the Deep could turn out to be a great VR fishing game – see for yourself when it launches for PlayStation VR this September.

To see more of Monster of the Deep, watch the official trailer below – one thing’s for sure, we wouldn’t like to be caught swimming with these fish…

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