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Targo Thinks 360 VR News can be Interactive and Fun

News can be shot in 360 and still be interactive

During Cannes Film Festival, Targo showed VRFocus‘s Nina Salomons that 360-degree virtual reality (VR) news does not have to slow or boring. Instead, it can be short, informative and exist on media platforms that already support 360 films such as Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. CEO and Co-Founder of Targo, Victor Agulhon believes that existing news outlets and broadcasters haven’t quite gotten how to make the best out of 360 films yet.

Agulhon believes Targo has found a solution by combining informative graphics with a quick post-production workflow to make the most interactive pieces of news. At the moment the team is made up of four individuals that are based in Paris. They’re building a Newslab this summer to make the most out of info graphics, photos and videos in 360 to make it more attractive for consumers online. As more platforms support 360 video content, it will be interesting to see how Targo will try and monetize their content. Find out more the video below.

You can find more interviews on the VRFocus YouTube channel, as well as the latest edition of our weekly show VRTV.

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