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The Best HTC Vive Games at E3 2017

The HTC Vive is getting more games to keep you in the virtual world

E3 is always an exciting season for new games and hardware, and 2017 is no exception. The show kicked off in Los Angeles and immediately we were seeing brand new titles that’ll keep us plugged into virtual reality (VR) for months.

We’re seeing brand new titles from a range of developers, including Bethesda, who finally confirmed the release of Fallout 4 VR and DOOM VFR for HTC Vive this year. AAA VR support coming from big publishers like Bethesda is certainly welcome, and ensures we have much more to look forward to with our VR head-mounted displays (HMDs).

Take a look at this list below for all of the very best games we saw for HTC Vive at E3 2017.

Blasters of the Universe

The Secret Location’s Blasters of the Universe is an initially simple VR shooter, which offers more depth as you personalise your weapon. Blasters of the Universe comes with a bonkers story too, involving an arcade nerd from the 80s who attempted to clone himself – weird.

We played the game, and said; “Blasters of the Universe not only goes beyond what has already been set as the benchmark for these types of shooters, but it also has an effortless air of personality that hasn’t been forced and isn’t found in many VR videogames.”

Blasters of the Universe screenshot 1

Circle of Saviors

Doing battle in a fantasy land is a perfect fit for VR, and that’s exactly what Circle of Saviors sets out to provide. Debuting outside of Japan for the first time at E3 2017, Circle of Saviors lets players take up arms against a variety of foes.

Players will be swinging swords, casting magic and shooting down monsters as they use the HTC Vive motion tracked controllers to do damage and slay their enemies. Giant boss monsters certainly look impressive, and dwarf the player in VR. Definitely one for fantasy fans.


DOOM VFR is a brand new game in the DOOM universe – not merely an adaptation of Bethesda’s successful reboot of the franchise.

Developed by id Software, the studio that created the DOOM franchise, DOOM VFR casts the player as the last known human survivor of the demonic invasion of the UAC’s Martian research facility. That is, until you yourself are torn from the mortal coil.

DOOM VFR screenshotFallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 VR just might be the best to experience Bethesda’s titanic RPG.

The game contains brand new mechanics adapted for the HTC Vive motion tracked controllers – though it still supports the Xbox One controller, if you prefer. The game is due to release later this year exclusively on the HTC Vive.

Seeking Dawn

Multiverse Entertainment’s new VR first-person shooter was demoed at E3 2017 this year, giving attendees their first taste of the new shooter.

With over 10 hours of gameplay and a massive storyline, Seeking Dawn immerses player in a deadly alien world. The videogame will feature multiplayer co-op, crafting, cooking and survival mechanics. The player will have stay aware of sickness, hunger, oxygen and more, truly immersing them in the experience.

Seeking Dawn header

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