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The Gallery Episode 2 Confirmed For Release in September

Cloudhead Games’ have confirmed episode two of their 2016 VR hit.

This will come as a massive relief to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners and virtual reality (VR) fans in general – the follow up to 2016’s beloved The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed finally has a release date. It’s only three months away, in September, making this Summer an excruciating wait for some VR fans.

The Gallery Episode 2 is subtitled Heart of the Emberstone, and the developers says it’s a “much larger experience than Episode 1 – in both playtime and scope – even larger than [Cloudhead Games] expected.”

The Gallery - Call of the star seed

The game is built for room-scale VR, and plays out as a story-driven non-linear adventure. We reviewed The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed, remarking; “The Gallery: Episode 1 – Call of the Starseed is a short and sweet introduction to The Gallery, offering the player a taste of the interaction that the subsequent episodes will hopefully deliver. It’s unlikely that many will find themselves engaging with this first episode for more than a couple of hours, but the hints at the evolving storyline and mechanics will certainly leave them wanting more.”

Gamers that missed out on Episode 1 will be happy to know that Cloudhead Games are teasing a sale, stating; “If you don’t have Call of the Starseed (or you’re just a very generous friend), we can neither confirm nor deny that Starseed will be at a significant sale price during a sale that may or may not be related to summer,” good news for anyone that skipped it the first time around.

We’re looking forward to seeing more from The Gallery, and if Episode 2 is expanded as they say, it’ll make for a great VR experience.

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